Amelia Terrapin is an educator and entrepreneur, committed to creating participatory learning environments in the fields of education, business and social change.  After a career as a professional dancer and educator, she developed an approach that uses movement to enhance learning in all different kinds of environments.

She founded Mobius Method to use movement as a powerful learning tool for groups that range from schoolchildren and at-risk teens to engineers and business executives. Participants gain a deep understanding of complex ideas, build trust, and discover new ways to relate effectively.  Her approach uses the arts to build community, develop communication skills and cultivate self-mastery.

As an innovator in K-12 education, Amelia developed a movement-based K-12 STEM curriculum that blends academic content with leadership development.  Through her project, The STEAM Roadshow, she trains high school students to deliver movement-based science & leadership lessons in elementary schools.  Through these projects, Amelia envisions an equitable education system that cultivates the unique contribution of each person.

Amelia is a curriculum adviser and facilitator with Byron Fellowship, a leadership development initiative for change makers from around the world. Her approach has been presented at the Engineers Without Borders Canada National Conference, the Applied Improvisation Network Conference, and Bioneers by the Bay. Clients have included Mycelium, the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, the North Dakota STEM Network, Teton Science Schools in Wyoming, the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations, and MetaIntegral Associates.


Process Designer and Coach

Kai is an interdisciplinary engineer with a PhD in chemical engineering as well as a diverse technical background in systems modeling, environmental engineering, bioengineering, evolutionary ecology, and software development. He is also a leadership coach, energy healer, and movement artist.

His nearly 15 years of martial arts experience includes Kendo, Kung Fu, Systema, Tai Chi, and Xing Yi. In addition, Kai has been trained in the Japanese healing art of Reiki and Russian-style massage therapy.

Kai believes that movement can be a path for exploring, expressing, healing, and reconnecting the body, mind, heart, and soul. At Mobius, Kai helps develop programs and workshops for higher education and corporate teams, and contributes to our overall strategy and vision. He combines the Mobius Method with leadership coaching.