Innovative movement-based “interactivities” and shared reflective practice create space for relationships to form, and for the wisdom of the group to be surfaced. By exploring these experiences together through a systems thinking lens, individuals become more aware of themselves as part of a system while the group’s collective awareness of their purpose is elevated by the wisdom of nature.



Culture Consulting: Ongoing engagement with a group or organization, featuring long-term process and interaction design embedded within organizational practices.

Engagement Design & Facilitation: Convenings designed and facilitated for a specific event, purpose or outcome.

Certification. Facilitation training in systems thinking workshops that blend movement and reflection practices to build trusting and resilient teams or communities around a clear purpose.

Workshops: Mobius’ suite of standalone 1/2 day workshops are pre-designed to achieve specific outcomes. They are perfect for teams in the early stages of forming together, or for intact teams with a desire to shift their culture towards more openness, risk-taking and collaboration.

  • Principles of Co-Creativity

This highly interactive workshop is specifically designed to help your team expand their abilities to co-create with others by exploring the various principles necessary to establish the conditions for co-creation.  (We define co-creation as interaction that has no prescribed outcome.  We’re not quite sure what is going to emerge and we remain open to being surprised.) Be prepared for some serious play, and be ready to move, laugh, reflect and connect.

  • Systems Thinking in Action

Another highly interactive experience, this workshop is a primer to systems thinking.  Having a shared vocabulary of the qualities of a healthy system sets the stage for your team to have greater impact on the systems you influence.

  • Closing the Gap

    When we look to the natural world, we learn that the health of a system is equal to the health of the individual relationships within the system. This workshop is specifically designed as an investment in trusting relationships; a vital precursor to establishing thriving, effective teams that are able to navigate complexity.

Co-Facilitation: Enhance the impact of your convening by weaving in the power and wisdom of movement and systems thinking. Responsive co-facilitation that meets the emergent moment-by-moment needs of the group, providing for greater clarity around a concept, greater connectivity between participants, and a more energized physical and emotional state.

"I’ve worked with Amelia to deliver an embodied approach to systems thinking for leaders in one of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies. I found her passion for this topic to be contagious, her commitment to excellence inspiring, and her execution of high caliber." —Barrett C. Brown, MetaIntegral Associates Principal

"As a leader of a quickly growing social enterprise, Mobius Method brought us closer together and opened up new pathways for thinking, communication, ideation and innovation."

—David Paull, Compost Wheels