When working across diverse stakeholders, sectors and networks, the capacity for creating the conditions for co-creativity is critical.  Mobius uses systems thinking to help social change organizations maximize their impact by building robust teams and relationships.

"Having Mobius at the conference enabled Engineers Without Borders to not only say that we stand for equality, respect and dignity, but also to experience it while connecting with people from various backgrounds.  Mobius created a safe space to better connect with ourselves, and to break language, cultural and assumption barriers, unleashing our confidence to act."
—Jordan Prince Tremblay, Engineers Without Borders chapter president

Offerings for Social Change Organizations:

  • Principles of Co-Creativity

This highly interactive workshop is specifically designed to help your team expand their abilities to co-create with others by exploring the various principles necessary to establish the conditions for co-creation.  (We define co-creation as interaction that has no prescribed outcome.  We’re not quite sure what is going to emerge and we remain open to being surprised.) Be prepared for some serious play, and be ready to move, laugh, reflect and connect.


  • Systems Thinking in Action

Another highly interactive experience, this workshop is a primer to systems thinking.  Having a shared vocabulary of the qualities of a healthy system sets the stage for your team to have greater impact on the systems you influence.


1-3 day RETREATS:

If you’re ready to commit to an intentionally cultivated organizational culture, this is a good place to start.  We will use a combination of Mobius Method with other facilitation tools to empower your team to carve their own path towards being a learning, adapting, flourishing force for change and growth.

"This unique and remarkable work guides learners to ‘embody’ or to internalize on deep levels otherwise abstract concepts. As a result, breakthroughs in understanding, relationship, creativity, and leadership occur spontaneously and rapidly."
—Harry Pickens, Byron Fellowship Facilitator

"As a leader of a quickly growing social enterprise, the Mobius Method brought us closer together and opened up new pathways for thinking, communication, ideation, and innovation."
—David Paull, Compost Wheels