We work with a variety of schools, businesses, universities and social change organizations. Here’s what they have to say:

"Having Mobius at the conference enabled Engineers Without Borders to not only say that we stand for equality, respect and dignity, but also to experience it while connecting with people from various backgrounds.  Mobius created a safe space to better connect with ourselves, and to break language, cultural and assumption barriers, unleashing our confidence to act."
—Jordan Prince Tremblay, Engineers Without Borders chapter president

"This unique and remarkable work guides learners to ‘embody’ or to internalize on deep levels otherwise abstract concepts. As a result, breakthroughs in understanding, relationship, creativity, and leadership occur spontaneously and rapidly."
—Harry Pickens, keynote speaker and Byron Fellowship Facilitator

“Mobius is a powerful tool set for deep learning (in contrast to rote memorization) that leaves people with an ability to teach, apply or build upon complex systems theory and more basic scientific principles.”
—Gabriel Grant, Yale Center for Industrial Ecology

“Mobius is a fabulous way to teach those difficult science concepts. I was amazed at how well movement helped students deepen and retain information."
—Sheryl Nesseth, Fourth Grade Teacher

“Amelia’s workshops included hands-on, participatory activities that had teachers moving, laughing, and learning.”
—Rebecca Engelmann, Arts in Education Director, North Dakota Council on the Arts

“Her work is quite literally movement that becomes transformative of the mind.”
—Alan Bush, Honors College Faculty, University of South Florida

“Through Amelia’s innovative approaches to learning, we were able to connect the STEM Strategies Summit to a local eighth grade class where Amelia did a week-long residency on turbine energy, electricity, and the water cycle. The students and Amelia delivered a powerful performance of the science concepts learned during the week, and the energy and excitement that filled the room was palpable.”
—Ryan Aasheim, Praxis Strategy Group